Services Provided:

Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan (PSEP) Municipal Permitting and Agency Consultation Project (2014 – 2018)

GEPermit was retained as the Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) firm in 2014 as part
of the California Public Utilities Commission’s WBE requirement for
the project. This project was supported by a variety of prime contractors, such as Jacobs Engineering, and SPEC Services

The project involved pressure testing or replacement of pipeline segments to meet modern safety standards, installing automatic shut off or remote controlled valves, and retrofitting pipelines to accommodate modern inline inspection tools. GEPermit’s primary role in the project was to obtain the necessary municipal permits prior to the construction/excavation activities. GEPermit submitted encroachment, excavation, street work, and road permit applications to various municipalities within San Diego County, LA County, and Orange County. The project required attendance at meetings with various municipalities to provide an overview of the overall project and to discuss other relevant details, including public outreach, permits, traffic plans, etc. The San Diego segment of the project traversed multiple municipalities within San Diego County and involved encroachment/right-of-way permits from the City of San Diego, San Diego Gas and Electric, North County Transit District, CALTRANS, and various other agencies.

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