Construction, Project Management and Engineering Staff Augmentation Services

Project Management
Regardless of the size or type of project, GEPermit is known for providing excellent program and project management services. The GEPermit staff has successfully managed assignments of many sizes and complexities for environmental consulting and permitting throughout the United States, such as in California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and North Carolina.

The assigned Project Managers at GEPermit always:
⦁ Oversee all project activities and review all deliverables with high attention to detail.
⦁ Are responsible for the successful implementation of client projects with particular regard to cost, schedule, and performance, including the preparation and submittal of high-quality deliverables.
⦁ Ensure that the technical, financial, and scheduling objectives of projects are met.
⦁ Maintain frequent communication with clients to initiate and coordinate all environmental studies, permitting, and agency consultations.

Staff Augmentation Services:

Utilizing GEPermit’s staff for management and engineering staff augmentation allows you to maintain lower overhead and flexibility in managing your everchanging project demands. We provide our clients with highly qualified resources to assist in any type of assignment. Our staff undergo rigorous training before being assigned to any project. 

Since 2014, we have established our expertise in providing: 

municipal permit support

administrative support services

GIS staff extension to a variety of utility projects in Southern California

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