NEPA Documentation

Here are some of the NEPA documentation GEPermit can assist with:

CEQA Documentation

Expect top-of-the-line CEQA documentation help from GEPermit, such as with:  

Environmental Documentation National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Services

Two acts have become the cornerstone of environmental planning:

⦁ The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

⦁ The state specific California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)


Currently, the majority of new development projects must meet some type of CEQA and/or NEPA compliance. The factors that determine the type of compliance needed are typically based on project type and funding mechanisms; our team at GEPermit will be able to help make such assessments and determine the type of compliance needed. We also provide biological and cultural surveys, air quality and noise assessments for a variety type of projects. Then, we go through the NEPA and CEQA process to obtain that compliance.

Achieving compliance for CEQA and NEPA is the founding services of our firm. As such, we have an expert understanding of the requirements, both nationally and within the state. We have worked to obtain compliance for a variety of projects such as:

⦁ Renewable energy developments (i.e. solar, wind, and hydropower)

⦁ Residential, industrial, municipal and commercial construction projects

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