Municipal Permitting, Entitlement and GIS Services

GEPermit has the experience and highly trained staff needed to prepare a variety of environmental and land use project permits and entitlements. Permitting is an all-encompassing term, which we can truly help with just about every aspect of. 

We provide coordination and consultation for municipalities that require permit application submittals throughout the entire United States. Utilizing an expert team of environmental planners, land use planners and on-call sub-consultants, our staff can accurately and quickly prepare what is needed to get the project approval our clients need.


Our dedicated team is able to obtain these types of permits: 

⦁ Conditional Use Permits (CUP)

⦁ Special Use Permits (SUP)

⦁ Coastal Development Permits (CDP)

⦁ Encroachment Permits

⦁ Site Plan Reviews

⦁ Building Permits

⦁ Noise Permits

⦁ Demolition Permits

⦁ Right-of-Way Permits


GIS and Mapping Services

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a highly valuable tool and application; it allows GEPermit to manipulate, analyze, and present spatial and geographical information to clients in a quick, efficient manner. 

Using a variety of GIS software, GEPermit prepares GIS maps to assist in developing environmental resource area maps and overall feasibility maps for projects. 


By using top-of-the-line, contemporary GIS software, our staff can effectively: 

⦁ Process and analyze spatial information and issues

⦁ Prepare maps within a timely manner

⦁ Access our databases, which possess information on all of our projects, both locally and nationally

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