New Development Fatal Flaw Analysis and Feasibility Services

In order to help private and public entities decide if a proposed project will be viable, GEPermit has a tried and tested process: Conducting feasibility studies. Feasibility studies are important because they provide a wide range of highly valuable information, which can be used in a variety of different ways to a company embarking on a new project.  

To help our clients with site selection for their development projects, GEPermit prepares cost-effective feasibility studies that make sure all critical factors are taken into consideration. For example, these studies allow GEPermit to identify these elements for its clients: 

⦁ Existing environmental and site conditions

⦁ Historical site contamination issues

⦁ Zoning restrictions

⦁ Flood zones

⦁ Other constraints


Our thorough analysis of a site’s conditions saves resources in the long run because, by knowing all the factors that could lead to waste and future issues, it eliminates costly preliminary project investments. Instead, our analysis re-directs efforts into developing the best alternative sites and/or project design methods.

The GEPermit fatal flaw analysis is the ultimate process we conduct for analyzing the wide variety of factors a potential project may encounter. Here’s how it works. It begins with identifying the critical resource elements’ existing conditions analysis with respect to the potential project location. We primarily identify a site’s local jurisdiction’s ordinances, various planning documents (including regional habitat conservation plans, if they exist) and the following potential environmental impact issues:

⦁ Setback requirements

⦁ Height restrictions

⦁ Compatibility with existing local activities

⦁ Requirements specific to structure construction (such as soil & geotechnical tests, code requirements, etc.)

⦁ Abandonment or decommissioning procedures


After this in-depth analysis, our clients feel confident knowing that all the most important factors have been examined and they are able to make the best decision possible for a site. 

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